boundary surveyA boundary survey determines the property lines of a piece of land as described in a deed or plat. A boundary survey is essential to accurately establish or re-establish property lines and show any overlaps, gaps or encroachments that may exist. The process to do a boundary survey is very tedious and may take a lot of time.

Before any work is attempted a surveyor must do a considerable amount of research on the piece of property. This involves researching the record deeds, adjoining deeds, recorded easements, and finding surveying data that may aid in the field investigation. The survey works with other surveyors, attorneys, or home owners to collect as much information as possible.

Once finished doing a preliminary analysis on the property, the surveyor then searches previous surveys to find data as to the locations of physical monuments on which these documents are based. If the necessary monumentation is recovered, the surveyor can then measure, compute, and investigate any issues involving the piece of property.

Once the surveyor is comfortable with the evidence found in the field to accurately establish or re-establish the correct boundary of the property, the surveyor will then decide to set or hold existing monumentation that determines the boundaries of the property. Anything else that the client may need is also done at this time. Usually clients ask for tree locations, elevations, or the location of fences and improvements throughout the property.  The findings are then depicted on paper to  clearly show the results of the field investigation. It is important that the map meets or exceeds the clients needs. Boundary surveys are important to have completed when purchasing a property, designing future improvements to a property, building fences, showing the described property lines.

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